Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meh. Tired.

19th april 2014

 Met up with Nic and Willie for a short when i'm with Anna, Khai and Nat. Anna and khai visited me when i'm still working ahhaha. Went to bugis afterwards to meet Crissandra!  

 Omg so attracted to Kim soo hyun! After watch He who came from the stars. Ahhh he is so handsome and dreamy in the show. But so cute, funny and pleasant in real life. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM AND HIS TINY WEENY EYES! 
 Oh, he's having some fans meet and greet session on sunday. Damn it :-( 
 So i found this on carousell. The person's looking for it too. But hey, jamie found it for me!! But, it's for $90+? Found a web that handles stuffs from the web but totalled up to around $120+? Ahhhhh and it's a preorder so they don't wanna handle it. :-( I WANT MY DO MIN JOON SSI BODY PILLOW TO HUG. :-(
 Hehehe jamie gave me this top. Snoopy top that cheo song yi* wore in the show. CAN I BE MIN JOON'S GIRL NOW!? HUH! Hahaha i'm not crazy. Yet. Thanks jamie!! 
Top // ASOS 
Jeans // New look
Necklace // F21 
Shoes // Nike airmax1 
Bag // Charles and keith
 Meh slack day.

23rd April 2014

 Ugh, editors market decided to have a clearance sales. Wanted to get a pair of Rivieras since last month? Since they're clearing so decided to check it out. Wanted this pair but no more of my size. SO MAD. >:( Gonna try Cathay's leftfoot outlet. Hopefully they'll have it!! It is so comfortable ok. 
 Dinner at starbucks? Some quiche dish with green tea cream. Shared with crissandra cause i can't finish it hahahah.
 Current nail colour(s). Something coloured for SS. BWAHAHAH clothing still sticking to black. i guess. 
 Finally received my leather jacket! Not too bad. And dirty mirror shot. Boohoo! Just to lazy to bring out my tripod. 
OOTD for today. Finally bought my bowler hat! Hehehe. Am spending way too much for this month. Have to cut down/ stop already. Sigh. 


Saturday, April 19, 2014


 Dinner with rachel on wednesday! 
 Doodled a little.

 Omfg, current fav! So yummy.

 Karstistic. Karstistique. 
 Sailor for today. Am totally diggin' this top. 

 Anna banana came to look for me.
 Bought some fried chicken for meeee. 
 Gonna try the shaking challenge thing with this. LOL.
Yay. Yum.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Why am i not talented.
Why don't i have perfect facial features.
Why don't i naturally have a nice body.
Why am i not interesting.
Why am i such a klutz. 
Why do i have to feel like this.
Why can't i have what i want to be happy.

When will i be satisfied. For once. With myself.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wraps and Noodles.

 Made some chicken wraps for myself. So yummy. Will be better if there's mayo and cheese. Hahaha am i WIFEY MATERIAL NOW?! 

 Basic OOTD. Running late and wayyyy too tired to dress up.

Omg, this dry stirred noodle, SUPER GOOD AND YUMMY. Looks really simple but really delicious! Hehehe so glad that i've decided to try it.
That's all. Short post. Wanna cut my hair but hmmm, maybe i'll just trim it. Will dye after my presentation.

Goodnight, monday is over!


 Worked half day today! Business not that bad. Kinda am afraid to work on a sunday because, THE FIRST SUNDAY I'VE EVER WORKED, HAVE NO CUSTOMERS COMING IN AT ALL. Guess today's a better start for me to work on a sunday! 
 Current favs!! Hehehe never go wrong with flannel outer, ripped jeans and my calf leather high cut. ;-) (finally wearing my jeans and highcuts often) 

 THANK YOU AUNT. AM LOVING THAT MOSCHINO FRIES COVER. AND THAT RIGHT CHANEL 'BAG' CASING. Don't really fancy that perfume bottle one though but oh well, appreciate her effort to buy it for me! 

Love at first sight. 
 With my bro. Am suppose to look like a chipmunk but he ended up looking like a Proboscis monkey? HAHAHA!
 Don't even know what my mum's trying to do.
 Look at my brows tho. STRONG OR NOT.

 "Wah this one perfect shot ah."

Old photos, taken on the day i bought my macbook hahahaha. Forgotten to post. Anyway, this is my fatass lame father. Now y'all know where i get the genes from. (My mum too)
 Cat eyes and red lips. 

Oh ya. Updated some new vids on my youtube channel! Just some random videos of me being bimbotic with photobooth's effects and me singing and being retarded to The XX's songs. Hahaha watch it when you're bored to entertain yourself. If you want to. 
HEHE MY PLUGS AND TUNNELS COLLECTION. Forgotten about my heart shaped tunnels though! So happy to see so many pairs. Hahaha not very satisfied with my current size but hmmm, don't intend to make it super huge cause i know i'll wanna close it in the future. So, i'll just stick to my good ol' 1cm/ 00 gauge. 

Alright, that's all. Work tomorrow. 

Goodnight! Brace yourself for monday! ;-)